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17 Games for Children’s Parties

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We prepared the best games for children’s birthdays with the help of our readers. With their ideas, you can prepare homemade recipes for kid’s parties.



Let’s go on a motorcycle!

The organizer has to sit on the floor, and children are standing behind, as if they were on a huge bike. The pilot is giving the directions aloud: “Right. To the left.Please note that brake!Come on, accelerated “and rotates the trunk while talking. Children have to go touring with him. Fernanda de Almeida

In and out

For this game, you need a securely fastened to the floor carpet. The organizer of the game informs children on the carpet are in the region known as “inside” and out of the carpet is the region known as “off”. Children are the outer edges of the carpet, so the game begins, and the organizer is calling out: “in, out, in, out …” and children have to jump from the carpet. The game must go faster and faster and randomly “inside, inside, out, in, out, out …” As time is short, and each word change children must obey and jump, the risk of mistake is high. Which will mistaken, are eliminated. You can do several rounds, and the winner get a point for each win and give a prize to the most points achieved. Daniel Carmona Altea

Peg Leg Race

You place the children in pairs, tying the right ankle of a child with another left ankle. Small races where, given the complexity of the moves, many laughs are guaranteed. Gemma Marquie

Behind the shoe

“A shoe from behind, before after, or see or what you see, before after, look up falling Jewish pa …” Children are sitting on the floor with eyes closed, and one runs behind. At one point, leaving a shoe behind one of the children who have to run to catch the other. Erika Garcia Saiz

Career with eggs

Two or three teams are formed (depending on the number of guests), and each team has a soup spoon and an egg. It is convenient to boil eggs before, so they are hard (without telling the kids of course, not to remove the emotion). The teams line up and the first to run with the egg on the spoon to a single point and return without dropping the egg to the ground. If you drop it, pick up the egg and start again. When you reach the starting point, gives the egg and spoon next to your computer and so on until all members of his team have done the route with spoon and whole egg. The first team to finish. Monica Lastra




The game is to play music and children dance. When you stop the music, the children have to look like a statue in the posture they had. Fernanda de Almeida
the offices

“I get up; I sit back down because the trades we play …” Children are imitating different crafts with their hands to the rhythm of the song: seamstress, sweeper, ironing … Erika Garcia Saiz

The gift of a thousand layers

Prepare a gift wrapped in several layers of paper. You can get a treat between coats. The children sat in a circle and given the gift to the birthday boy. Lights music (it’s desirable to have tape or CD of popular music) and children should spend the gift of each other. When the music, which has the gift at this time to remove a layer of paper off. If you put a treat, you can stay with her. It puts music again and so on until the end, when you have removed all the layers of paper, the child uncovers the gift stays with him. Monica Lastra



Bingo for kids

This game is suitable for children 4-5 years. You have to prepare some boards like bingo, with simple numbers interspersed with pictures where their favorite characters (Mickey, Lightning McQueen, Barbie …) appear. In a bag, you put balls or balls with numbers from 0 to 9 and tell them to go out one by one to catch a ball from the bag. Obviously, wins the first complete board. The prize can be stickers or erasers with pictures. Mónica Pérez Cordero


We must prepare the game before the party begins. Hide multiple tracks (easy) in different parts of the house and when the game starts you tell where the first is (or will give a clue to finding it). A track will lead them to another until they find the treasure: a trunk full of sweets and candies. Silvana Sudivert

Search for Aliens

When the party or meeting starts tell the children that an alien has been a treasure that had hidden. They are taught some traces left on the table and told to look for more clues will be putting as’ holiday. At snack: two tennis where he might be the treasure; another track at the ball; in pastel another … The last track will take the final gift. It is an original variant of classical gymkhana, which never fails. Maribel Martos

A Treasure Hunt

Prepare some maps (for the elderly) and each hiding mark an X in each cache will be another map with another X to help you find the next, until they find a chest with treasure. Gemma Marquie

Marathon games

In the past, my son’s birthday I organized a marathon of games. In different parts of the house, had games like pin the tail on the donkey, shoot hoops, ring games … In all they were adding more points and reach an agreement in bigger prize was taking, but all received a detail to participate, in the end is important.That and have a good time! And I assure you that the kids had fun playing and encouraging older. I try it. Luz Barrios


Custom Piñata
Formerly the piñata was ceramic or cardboard, but there are fun and quick to prepare and with the help of the children way: with balloons. In some candy and others filled with flour, water, rice, lentils … And to break? If you give, a pin or toothpick will love. Antonio González Mesquias



Place the tail on the donkey

A traditional and very simple game. Is to put on the wall a picture of a donkey without a tail. We can make a tail with wool and will put a bit of velcro, placing the other adhesive strip on the drawing donkey. A child faces the drawing and will cover our eyes, we say “put the tail on the donkey” and has to try to put it. Rarely are right, but some lesbian fun. Win one closest to the right place. Eva López León

The footbridge over the sea

We scored a narrow walkway with balloons. Children, blindfolded, have to walk along the walkway without touching the edges. Those, who reach the end without touching the edges, will advance to the second round. Repeat the game until all children, except one, are eliminated. With older children can, every round, making the closest gateway. Gemma Marquie



The Drinking Bell

Every time, you prepare a children’s party, took the snack time for two basic things: that all children eat everything and eat nutritious things, not just sweets. The game consists of: before all the children sit at the table and explain that it is a special day, snack time also will be used to play. We teach a bell will use during the game. The place in the center of the table and say:. “This campaign is very important because only be touched by a diner who has finished eating. The first end fruit salad (the dish is changing and if dishes are conflicting children we put very little …) will be the winner and will ring the bell first. “Then go where they finish playing. Verónica González

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